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Cyfrowy Polsat makes steady gains

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Cyfrowy Polsat makes steady gains
Poland’s Cyfrowy Polsat Group has posted total revenues of PLN2,892 million (€678.3 million) for the third quarter, or 5.4% more than in the corresponding period last year.
At the same time, its EBITDA was PLN1,021 million, down 2% on Q3 2018.
In its latest set of results, the company notes that while its pay-TV subscriber total was at 5,033,398 0.1% lower in the third quarter than last year, its multiroom subscriber total increased by 3.4% to 1,180,891.
Mobile telephony also performed well, with the number of customers rising by 7.5% to 7,752,113.
All told, the company had 14,587,869 contracted RGUs in Q3, up 3.8% on a year earlier.
The number of contracted customers stood at 5,644,291 (-1.2%), of who 1,947,497 (+12.7%) opted for multiplay.
APRU amounted to PLN84.8 (+1%) and churn was 6.8% (-1.1 pp).