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Hotbird Satellite Sports Channel List with Broadcast Rights
 Sport Event    7/1/2019
Hotbird Satellite Sports Channel List with Broadcast Rights
šŸ–„nSport +
šŸ–„Fightbox HD
šŸ–„TVP Sport HD
šŸ–„Sportsklub HD
šŸ–„Rai Sport + HD
šŸ–„Eurosport 1 HD
šŸ–„Eurosport 2 HD
šŸ–„Polsat Sport HD
šŸ–„Extreme Sports HD
šŸ–„Eleven Sports 1 HD
šŸ–„Eleven Sports 2 HD
šŸ–„Eleven Sports 3 HD
šŸ–„Eleven Sports 4 HD
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Premium 1 HD
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Premium 2 HD
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Premium 3
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Premium 4
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Premium 5
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Premium 6
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Extra HD
šŸ–„Polsat Sport Fight HD
šŸ–„Polsat Sport News HD

Broadcast Channel Rights:

English Premier League - Spanish Cup - European League and Champions League - La Liga - Bundesliga - Serie A Italy - French Cup - British Cup - England Cup - Dutch League - Russian League and European Qualifications for World Cup - Italian Cup - Major League Tennis - Portuguese League - Polish League - German Cup - Copa America - UFC - Swiss League - European and American Champions League and World Cup Women's World Cup, World Cup Championships - WWE, Volleyball World Cup , Basketball, handball and some other sports